Here's What Some Of Our Friends Are Saying...

Adam Z.  

Mt. Juliet, TN

Corporate Training Manager

"When you first walk into a Wagon Wheel Little House you can tell it has a really sturdy construction and the fit and finish is awesome!  I am a long time RV owner and after 3-5 years of use everything from the rubber roof to the particle board interior starts to fall apart.


The real wood interior and metal roof found on the Wagon Wheel House will last a life-time and the attention to detail is incredible!  It truly has that 'real home' feel and actually lives up to the phrase 'home away from home'."

Scott R.

Mt. Juliet, TN

Small Business Owner

"I've had the privilege of watching the Wagon Wheel Little House being built. Throughout the entire process I was always amazed with the creativity and the craftsmanship put into this house on wheels.


Also, I love the fact that the Little House truly is a multifunctional structure! Whether you want to place it in the back yard and use it as guest lodging, pull it to the lake for a weekend camp out or pack it and the family up and "bug out"... the Little House is ready, willing, and able to provide that flexibility with style. The materials used and the efficient use of available space makes this a smart investment that will serve an owner for many years of fun!"

Chris L.

Maryville, TN

Small Business Owner

"I've known Derek since we were 10 years old and when this dude decides to build something he goes all in. He never stops thinking of better ways to do things and his attention to the small things all add up to be a superior product every time. He's kind of annoying that way actually...He's go go go and I can't ever get him to just chill! You will be a very happy camper if you end up working with my boy D! Do it!"

Matt J.

Bowling Green, KY

Corporate Exec.

"Wow! I've worked in the RV industry for many years and I've seen a lot of RV designs...but in the end they all pretty much look the same. The Wagon Wheel Little House is truly unique and is the first one I've seen that really looks like something I'd want to live in. I love the rustic exterior finish as well as the fact that you can customize the interior to suit your needs.


Derek puts quality into everything he builds and the Little House is no exception. You'll definitely be proud to spend time in your own Little House with family and friends."