Where is Wagon Wheel Little Houses based?

We are located in Middle Tennessee outside Nashville.  This location is a great central hub to the Southeastern US and allows more convenient pick-up and delivery of your new Little House!




How long will it take to get my Little House?

It depends on the features and model that you choose... but generally with our current system in place it may take up to 45 days from the date of your deposit to complete your Little House.  Good things take some time!


I've owned RV's and Campers in the past... How is your product different?

How isn't it different is the real question!  A Wagon Wheel Little House is a work of art.  It is unique and rigid and is built the same way a skilled carpenter would build a custom home... with sturdy materials that both have longevity and style.  


Those familiar with RV's and camper trailers will tell you that usually durability is very poor in most models.  Great care is taken througout the building process to ensure that walls and other elements will not shift or pull loose.  Reinforcements are also added to protect against high winds and unfavorable road conditions.  Rest assured your Wagon Wheel House is built with the same pride that the pioneers carried as they built the very first prairie wagons.  



What options are available?

We are always in the process of putting together new designs for our models.  If you have a vision for your Little House just throw it out there and it's likely that we can take care of it for you.  We have had requests for everything from a "Man Cave Media Wagon" to a "Play House Wagon" for the kids.  We love the challenge of a new idea so don't hesitate to ask!  

How about a Warranty?

We offer a One Year Warranty on the construciton of your Little House.  Under normal use your Little House should last as long as any other house if properly cared for.  If, for any reason, you should have a problem within the first year of ownership we will gladly take steps to correct it.  


What payment forms do you accept? What is the process to make this happen? 

We accept payments in the form of personal or business checks and credit cards via Paypal (additinoal 3% fee).  


When you decide that you are serious about owning your own portable Little House here's how it works.  After you let us know what features you'd like we will get you a custom quote for your project.  When you are ready to pull the trigger and get going we require a 50% Deposit and you can expect your Little House to be ready to roll in about 30-45 days.  We will keep you up-to-date with a weekly report including pictures via email so that you know that your baby is progressing and staying on track.  Once we are finished you can make your arrangments to come hitch up your wagon.  Once on site we will walk you through the features and care of your new Wagon Wheel Little House and square up with the remaining balance... and then send you on your way!



Can you deliver my new Wagon Wheel House?


Contact us for more information on this option.  Locations that are relatively close to our offices in TN would not be that difficult to deliver to.  We will do whatever we can to make it happen!