There are several reasons why folks all over the country are discovering a new little lifestyle in a downsized Tiny House.  With skyrocketing utilties costs, the unstable housing market, and an unpredictable economy, many see the option of owning their home outright and using only a small footprint as a very attractive one. 


Everything You Need... Nothin' You Don't!


A Wagon Wheel Little House features all the essentials of your much bigger home but in a compact mobile package. Here are some suggestions we've received for uses of the Wagon Wheel Little House:


Weekend Getaway  - Head up to the Smokies, down to Destin, or just out to the lake for the weekend. 


Permanent Home - Ditch the huge house and downsize on a nice peice of land where you can actually see the stars.


Mother-In-Law Apartment - Park it behind your own house for instant extra living space for family or friends. But be careful... let 'em stay too long and they won't ever want to leave!


Huntin' Cabin - With a rugged and natural exterior you'll blend right in... but bring along a processing table for that buck you just scored...


Preppers G.O.O.D. Vehicle - Your Wagon Wheel Little House is the perfect hitch-it-up-and-go retreat loaded down with everything you'll need to wait out the storm...


College Dorm - Instead of shackin up with a roommate during that stint at college why not do it right and have a space that you own?


Office Space - A Little House works great as an outbuilding for an on-site office that you get to take with you when you're job is done!


Vendor Trailer - We've had folks ask about using our unique Little Houses for a vending trailer used at festivals and special events... Can't you just smell the funnel cakes now!


Dog House - No, not for Fido... for you when you forget her birthday or otherwise blow it!  Why not chill in style while mother hen cools off?  


Man Cave - We can trick your Little house out with options like a bar, posh recliners, and flat screen HDTV with surround sound for the ultimate escape into pure man-dom.



With a Wagon Wheel Little House

Your Imagination Is The Only Limit! 

See What It's Like To Live Little